Solo violin and string orchestra.

Commissioned by The Greenwich Festival and first performed at Eltham Palace by Hugh Bean (vln).The Blackheath String Orchestra, conducted by Robert Munns.

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Nov. 16'


At Bignor Hill

Large orchestra + electric guitar, jazz drummer and synthesizer.

Commissioned by ITT for the Brighton Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Gray who first performed it at the Gulbenkian Centre, Lisbon, Portugal.

Nov. 18'.


Chamber Symphony No. 1

Chamber orchestra (2221/0100/timp/pno/str)

Commissioned by The Greenwich Festival and premiered by Richard Hickox and the City of London Sinfonia at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich, July 1981.

Nov. 23'


Variations on a Theme of Elgar

Large orchestra (3333/4331/timp perc/str)

Commissioned by Chichester Festivities. Premiered by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Charles Groves, July 1981 in Chichester Cathedral

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Nov. 34'


Charms and Exhultations of Trumpets

3 solo trumpets and large orchestra

Commissioned by Hampshire County Youth Orchestra. First performed by them in Salisbury Cathedral conducted by Edgar Holmes, June 1985

Nov. 25'


Symphony No. 1

Text by the composer

Bar. solo (movt. No. 5) & large orchestra (3333/4331/timp 2perc synth/str)

Commissioned for the Exeter Festival by Exeter City Council. First performed by David Wilson Johnson (bar.), The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Richard Hickox, July 1987

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Nov. 55'



for Balinese Gamelan and string orchestra

Commissioned by the Eastern Orchestral Board and first performed by the Strings of the Hallé Orchestra and various gamelan players. De Montfort Hall Leicester June 1994

Nov. 10'


My Dog Has Fleas

A Capriccio for Scratch Orchestra


Commissioned by The Eastern Orchestral Board to celibrate its 25th anniversary.

Nov. 8'


Elgar's Piano Concerto

(Formerly knwon as Fragments of Elgar)

Piano and orchestra (2222/4231/timp perc/str)

A realisation by Robert Walker of the fragments and recordings of Elgar's unfinished piano concerto

Commissioned by Dartington International Summer School with funds made available by the Eric James and Wong Foundations. First performed by the Dartington Festival Orchestra with David Owen Norris (piano), conducted by Graeme Jenkins; The Great Hall, Dartington, August 1998.

EP 33'


Au Revoir

for 11 solo strings or Double String Orchestra.

Written for the Goldberg Ensemble.
 First performance: 13 February 2003, Wolverhampton

EP 15 mins.

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Symphony No. 2


Not yet complete. 
All enquiries for first performance can be made to the composer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.